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Shoulder Replacement

If you have failed shoulder surgery or a severe rotator cuff injury, help is within reach at Orthopedic Specialists of Oakland County in Bloomfield Hills and Clarkston, Michigan. Highly trained surgeons offer reverse shoulder replacement to restore joint function and reduce ongoing pain. Call the nearest office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

What is reverse shoulder replacement?

Your rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that hold your shoulder joint in place, allowing you to painlessly move your shoulder and arm. Rotator cuff problems can cause pain, weakness, reduced movement, and shoulder joint damage.

During reverse shoulder replacement, your surgeon replaces the ball-and-socket part of your shoulder joint with artificial components, but they reverse the normal structure. They attach an artificial ball to your shoulder blade and an artificial socket to the top of your arm bone, rather than the other way around.

Orthopedic Specialists of Oakland County surgeons are highly trained in performing reverse shoulder replacement and have many years of experience. 

Is reverse shoulder replacement right for me?

Reverse total shoulder replacement is a procedure for patients with rotator cuff tears that aren’t fixable or who have had failed previous shoulder surgeries. You might be a candidate for the procedure if you develop a rotator cuff tear and arthritis or have other complex joint problems. 

To find out for sure, your orthopedic surgeon checks your vital signs, reviews your medical history, and examines your shoulder joint. They often recommend you complete blood tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs, or other imaging procedures to determine which type of shoulder surgery, if any, best matches your needs.

How should I prepare for reverse shoulder replacement?

To get ready for your surgery, follow your surgeon’s instructions. Stop taking certain medications if needed, don’t smoke, and make arrangements for a family member or friend to drive you home and stay with you after the procedure. Avoid food and drinks the morning of your scheduled surgery.

What happens during reverse shoulder replacement?

Before you undergo reverse shoulder replacement, you receive general anesthesia to help you fall asleep and avoid discomfort. 

Your surgeon makes an incision in the front part of your shoulder and arm, removes the upper arm bone from its socket, and prepares it for artificial component placement. Your surgeon attaches the artificial ball and socket and secures these components in place.

They ensure the socket and ball glide together smoothly before closing the incision and taking you to a recovery area. The procedure often takes about two hours to complete. 

What should I expect after my surgery?

After reverse shoulder replacement surgery, you might stay in the surgical center for a night or two. Have a family member or friend drive you home and stay with you. Keep your arm in a sling, take medications as directed, get plenty of rest, and attend follow-up visits and physical therapy sessions. 

Avoid strenuous activity and lifting until your surgeon says it’s okay. Complete healing could take several months, but every patient is different. 

To learn more about reverse shoulder surgery at Orthopedic Specialists of Oakland County and find out if the procedure is right for you, call the nearest office or book an appointment online today.